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Abramovich To Sack Antonio Conte And Replace Him With Carlo Anceloti?

The sack race in the Premier League is about to become very interesting if reports from the Spanish media in the last two weeks are anything to go by.

Chelsea’s Antonio Conte could be out of his job at the end of this season. Although we expect more Premier league coaches to lose their jobs before the season ends, Roman Abramovich’s sacking of the ex-Juventus man would be a big surprise to the football world.

According to MARCA, (as reported by The Express), the relationship between the Italian and Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has worsened.

The former Juventus boss helped Chelsea win the Premier League in his first season in charge but results haven’t gone his way so far this season. A 3-0 defeat by Roma in their fourth Champions League group stage match only highlighted their inconsistent form.

There have been murmurings of Conte’s poor man management skills with some players said to be unhappy with the heavy training methods employed by the Italian.

Diego Costa hinted at Conte being a bad man-manager. Could things have deteriorated behind the scenes?

If you believe MARCA, Roman Abramovich, the man who matters the most at Chelsea, is not on good terms with Antonio Conte. The paper, in fact, claims that Conte and the Russian have not spoken for a while now. Conte had direct access to Abramovich but now has to go through club director Marina Granovskaia.

Chelsea are said to already be considering their options in terms of finding a replacement for Conte and it could well be why Ancelotti hasn’t taken any job offers since getting sacked by Bayern Munich. Ancelotti has managed the Blues before and will know what is at stake but is he the best choice if Conte is to be sacked?

Sacking the Italian would be unwise but if Chelsea do part ways with their manager, they should be aiming to replace him with Massimiliano Allegri or Diego Simeone. Carlo Ancelotti will be an underwhelming appointment at the moment if you ask me.

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  1. there is no doubt in my mind conte will ditch chelsea at first oportunuty i am sure he has had more than enough of having his recommendations about player signings blatantly disregarded; after all he has a reputation to uphold; sacking him at any time will be doing him a favour. as an horourable man he is do all in his power to keep chelsea’s injury riddled skeletal squad afloat, but i can hardly see him even giving a fig about being sacked. chelsea fc just do not deserve him. even odin, coming down from asgard cannot do a better job under the circumstances, so good luck whoever next.
    i hope conte ends up with psg and then brace yourselves up all of you.

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