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Could Leon Goretzka To Join Arsenal Ahead Of Liverpool? | | Premier Soccer Chat

Could Leon Goretzka To Join Arsenal Ahead Of Liverpool?

Come June 30th 2018, Schalke 04 player Leon Goretzka will officially become a free agent and according to Germany team manager Oliver Bierhoff, the player will be playing for a Premier League club.

The midfielder has turned down all offers of a new contract with the Bundesliga outfit and has been linked with Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Juventus, as well as rivals Bayern Munich in the last few months.

Goretzka was one of Germany’s best players at the last FIFA Confederations Cup, which the World champions also won. But which Premier league club could he be joining?

My simple answer is – Arsenal

Yes, that’s right. I sincerely believe the German will be playing for the Gunners next season. Although some reports today claim he has signed for Liverpool, I do not want to believe it especially as the rumours are not coming from very reliable sources. There are just too many reasons why I believe he will be signing for Arsenal and not Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United or any of the other clubs that have been linked with his signing.

1. Sead Kolasinac

Arsenal signed Sead Kolasinac this summer on a free transfer from Schalke 04. At the same time, the powers that be must have noticed Goretzka and could use the Bosnian to help them get the German international – the two are good friends which could prove useful in their pursuit of the player.

2. Mesut Ozil

Aside from Sead Kolasinac, Mesut Ozil and Per Mertesacker could help the Gunners get their target ahead of all others. And should Ozil leave; which is looking more and more likely, Goretzka will know he will immediately be the direct replacement for his national team-mate. The versatility of Leon Goretzka could come into play here.

3. Wenger vs Jurgen Klopp

Judging by recent reports, it is Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal and Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool who are leading the race to sign the midfielder. But in this instance, I believe that it is Wenger that is more likely to win this battle given the Frenchman’s wealth of experience and powers of persuasion.

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  1. Wishful thinking , Ozil will have no pull , as he will be leaving , Mettersakofshite will be to old and leaving , So that leaves Kolasanic , hardly his Bezzy , Yet there are Strong Rumours that Shalke will sell in January in order to attain at least some Money for their prized asset, and with Can seemingly Nowhere near signing an extension at Liverpool , We also may Sell Can in Jan for the same reason. And Goreztka would be an improvement on Can IMO

  2. Yeah, you’re third point doesn’t really add up. Never underestimate a manager’s nationality when it comes to persuading a player to sign. Also, you point out the free signing of Kolasinac from Shalke, but Liverpool did the same with Matip 12 months earlier.

    I echo what Jason says about the Can situation too – our hand maybe forced to bring in a player like Goretzka due to Can also being on the verge of running down his contract.

    • Hi Tom and Jason, thanks for your comments. And I am not surprised you both did not agree with me. It is the beauty of the game.

      I strongly believe Mesut Ozil will have an impact on Goretzka joining Arsenal. If Ozil has decided to stay at Arsenal which is unlikely, he could help convince his fellow German to join.

      Also, if Ozil has decided to leave which is more likely, Goretzka will be seen as a direct replacement for the former Madrid star. He will know he will be the go to person and Arsenal’s team will likely be built around him.

      And as for Klopp vs Wenger point. I think in my opinion Wenger is more influential than Klopp. Many Arsenal plans in time past have confirmed Wenger to be one of the reasons why they join Arsenal. And I honestly, without any bias believe Klopp doesn’t have as much pull as Wenger.

  3. Dear Arsenal fans, never believe in AW until he sign player because he is good at scouting players and hard to give money and no player is cheap nowadays as footfall turn to be commercial.

  4. All wishful thinking. He’s going to Bayern they collect the best German talent whether or not they need them. He is a great talent and I wish AFC sign him but, with Wenger’s future in doubt and no replacement on the horizon, I don’t rate our chances – or LFC’s.

    Time and money will tell!!

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