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What to do whilst your other half is watching Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur

What to do whilst your other half is watching Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur

This Sunday sees the latest installment of the Chelsea-Tottenham Hotspur rivalry as the two London clubs competing for a top four finish go face-to-face at Stamford Bridge.

Mauricio Pochettino’s side currently prop up the top four with a five-point lead over the London rivals, heading into the final eight games of the 2017-18 Premier League season.

Victory for Spurs would certainly give them a huge advantage in qualifying for next season’s Champions League but they may have to do it without star striker Harry Kane following the ankle injury picked up at Southampton a few weeks ago.

Tottenham are on a four-game winning streak in the Premier League and have an FA Cup semi-final tie with Manchester United in April.  However, they were eliminated by Juventus in the Champions League earlier this month.

Likewise, Chelsea are in the FA Cup semi-finals too, with a more favourable matchup, against relegation contenders Southampton.  Antonio Conte’s side were hammered by Barcelona in their Champions League second round tie, just as the online football betting odds suggested heading into the time.

This is a big game for both teams with lots at stake once again.  And whilst it’s a big deal for blokes, many ladies like to get out of the house or simply away from their partners before, during and sometimes even after the game.

These two will lock horns on Sunday 1 April in the later game looking to increase their chances of playing in next season’s Champions League.

If your partner is going to be watching the game and you don’t want to be around during the game, here are six things you may want to consider doing instead:


Whilst your partner is spending money on the sports channel on digital TV and getting food and drinks in for the game, why not spend some money of your own by popping out to town to get a bit of shopping?

Maybe go along with your friends who are in the same situation as you with their partners focussed on nothing but the game.  Fancy a new pair of shoes or a dress?  Unwind for a few hours whilst the lads watch the game.


The forecast isn’t great for the weekend so you may want to consider a hat and/or brolly, but heading to a neighbouring town or city gives you the opportunity to explore something new… and almost-certainly more exciting than what football is to you.

There are several sightseeing opportunities up and down the country with lots that can be done in one day or even just the afternoon.

Catch up with old friends

Is there an old friends of yours that you haven’t seen for a number of months or even longer?  Perhaps you keep in touch with friends on social and haven’t actually met up in person for a while?  This could be the perfect opportunity to arrange something in advance to plan a weekend date together.

In an ideal situation perhaps your friends are stuck in the same situation with the other half planning their weekend around the Chelsea-Tottenham Hotspur game and that they’d be more than willing to meetup and chat whilst the game is going on.

Restaurant with best friend

How many opportunities do you get to meet your best friend these days without yours and their partner being around?  Or maybe you haven’t seen your best friend for a while because they’ve moved away, settled down and/or have been too busy looking after a child?

Why not organise a restaurant date and book a fancy table for lunch or even dinner to catch up about old times?  The football won’t be finished until 6 anyway.


Perhaps you’ve been too busy at work recently and are behind on the latest series you’ve been watching of late.  Not to sweat, if you have two TVs in the house at least.  If your partner is watching the London derby in the living room with his mates then you can use these several hours to catch up on your latest Netflix boxset in the bedroom.

Netflix offers so many TV programmes, new and old, as well as documentaries and much more – leaving you spoiled for choice.  No doubt there will be many things for you to pick from, many of which I’m sure you’ll enjoy more than football.


One of the most popular pastimes in the United Kingdom is reading.  Unfortunately, with our hectic schedule these days – travelling to and from work, making dinner, the house choirs etc. etc. there’s not always a great deal of time to sit down in peace and read.

After all, free time is often spent with the partner – whether going out or watching Netflix together.  Reading often gets put on the backburner.  However, you’ll a good few hours alone to read if you can find a room in the house that filters out the noise being made by your partner and his friends whilst the game is on.

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