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6 thoughts on “Abramovich Ready To Sign £100m Star For Chelsea, Deal Will Annoy Man United”

  1. Naaa………you lost me.Saw nothing in your article that would annoy Manchester United as most players are subject to counter offers for their services.It is part of the game.If it wasn’t transfer fees wouldn’t be as ridiculous as it is now.As for Manchester United wanting Icardi,this is the first gossip where he is linked with them.Typical click bait

  2. Make we not sell anybody and make we signed only only one or two or three players please fans beg conte and d own of Chelsea and if we sell anybody we may regret it willian is better Dan Luca mourca and make we signed Beloit from Torino not icardi to add in our squad thanks may god bless u all as u agree with me Chelsea fans

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