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Vincenzo Morabito, top Italian football agent, has claimed that Manchester United have offered Wayne Rooney a Napoli transfer as they try desperately to offload the player. This season, the England international has not been as much of a regular for the Red Devils as he once was, and reportedly, the relationship between Rooney and Mourinho has broken down that much that the manager is apparently willing to allow the 31-year-old to leave the club on loan. Speaking to Radio CRC, Morabito claimed that he ‘knew for a fact’ that Rooney had been offered to Napoli as he cannot go to other English clubs, something that could lead him to play in Italy or Spain.

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With several top fantasy players dealing with injuries and card accumulations, week 18 has become rather interesting in terms of putting out the strongest team possible. Those players who will be out for sure include Diego Costa, N’Golo Kante, Sergio Aguero, Jaime Vardy, Christian Fuchs, Robert Huth, and Marko Arnautovic for either yellow card accumulation or red card suspensions.

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Another quick turnaround brings week 17 Premier League matches on Saturday through Monday. With many teams dropping points at the top and middle of the table there has been some leveling out among the various tiers of the Premier League table. Despite that there is just as much separation between the various tiers of the table as there has been in the past two months. Few teams have made much in the way of progress, but there have been some incremental changes in the points gaps for a few teams.

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