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Week 17 Premier League Predictions

With one weekend of matches ended we get a quick turnaround for a full set of midweek matches. For the week 17 Premier League predictions there aren’t the same highly exciting matches that were on show over the weekend, but there is plenty of potential for shifts in the table. Continue Reading

Week 16 Premier League Predictions

What a weekend of football we had in week 15. To prepare for next weekend the week 16 Premier League predictions I look ahead at another set of fantastic fixtures. Of course, the biggest match of the weekend is the Manchester Derby set up between the top two places in the current Premier League table. There is much on the line for this match considering the recent form of both clubs as well as the title implications that are at stake, even this early in the season. In addition to doing my weekly predictions this is a great chance to take a look at fantasy Premier League options and matchups for gameweek 16. Continue Reading

Week 13 Premier League Predictions 2017-18

For this weekend matches kickoff on Friday evening and run through Sunday. This is then followed up with the next gameweek kicking off on Tuesday. The week 13 Premier League predictions should hopefully give some insight into how some of the weekend’s matches will progress. Continue Reading

Week 12 Premier League Predictions 2017-18

With the international break finally over we can return to Premier League action this weekend with week 12. The big match of this weekend is the North London derby kicking off early on Saturday morning. Outside of the Arsenal v Tottenham match, there are few other matches of significance for week 12. I am predicting… Continue Reading

Week 11 Premier League Predictions 2017-18

Week 11 Premier League Predictions 2017-18

The week 11 Premier League predictions come following a week of European competitions as well as the week before yet another interruption for international games. There are a few interesting matches this weekend and a couple of big matches on Sunday. Sky Sports can finally use their “Super Saturday” tag and actually have it apply. Continue Reading

Week 9 Premier League Predictions

Week 9 Premier League Predictions

With week 9 Premier League matches coming this weekend my predictions come on the back of what has already been an interesting week. With the week not even halfway through we have the second managerial change with Leicester City, once again, sacking their manager. In addition the first set of Champions League matches saw all three Premier League clubs get good results. Continue Reading

Week 8 Premier League Predictions 2017-18

Week 8 Premier League Predictions 2017-18

Fortunately the Premier League is back in action this weekend following another boring set of international matches. I am definitely glad to have football returning this weekend and it should certainly be an interesting weekend. Continue Reading

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